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MAY 2014
MEGAN MORRIS                                                                  
Megan Morris is currently a first year in Key Club and a freshman at Franklin High. She first wanted to join Key Club because in middle school she would see all the clubs go by during parades and Key Club "always stood out as a place where everyone was enthusiastic and I wanted to be a part of it." Her favorite events have been volunteering at Fairytale Town becuase she loves working with children. Her favorite part about being in Key Club is getting to meet new people because she is "constantly astounded by how kind people are." When Megan isn't volunteering, she loves to read obsessively.
JUNE 2014
VANESSA WONG                                                                 
Vanessa Wong, the extraordinary monster for the month of June! She joined Key Club since her freshman year and now stands as an incoming junior. Vanessa enjoyed her time at her favorite event, the California International Marathon Packet Pick-up. Despite her love for this club, Vanessa also enjoys playing tennis. Key Club brings different excitement for each of us, and in Vanessa's case, it is a place that is "rewarding and it helps to make a lot of friends. It is also a way to receive easy hours and is fun because I can make friends and hang out with them."
JULY 2014
CRYSTAL CHAN                                                                   
Now... presenting our July Member of the Month... Crystal Chan! She believes that volunteering is important because it is where skills are developed. Crystal says, "For me, it's the shyness that needs to be improved. I try to sign in an event that doesn't need me to talk that much or even better, at all. However, as I volunteered more, I became more comfortable, but it still scares me to talk to people I don't know. Also, volunteering lets me see how events are held such as the marathon run. Volunteering gives me a peek of how the career is like such as helping a teacher or a chef." This is why her favorite event is the Crab Feed. There, she was able to see how the kitchen looked, how workers worked, and how it felt to be one of them. Plus, it was the event where she talked to many people and made new friends, including Eileen. This amazing Key Clubber's hobbies are drawing, reading, playing the guitar, and doing martial arts. She enjoys the riddles and questions at Key Club meetings and how badly the candy is thrown sometimes."I made friends in there when I never thought I would. Now, I would stay after the club with them. Also, I like how Key Club is a club to lend a helping hand, a community service club full of enthusiasms and spirit."
ALISON TOM                                                                   
August's Member of the Month is Alison Tom! As an incoming senior, her favorite key club event in all of her years is the annual A Midsummer Night's Dream & Crystal Ice Cream Fantasy at Fairytale Town because "it has such a fun atmosphere and I enjoy making crafts with the children-plus eating ice cream in between!" Hence, she enjoys eating when she is not doing community service as well as enjoys swimming. Alison likes the "continued dedication to help out the community and fund raise with service projects" about Key Club the most and likes volunteering because "the feeling after all the effort put into helping out is the greatest moment of the day."
DAN LUU                                                                   
Who's September Member of the Month? Dan Luu! His favorite event is the CSD Elk Grove Spring Extravaganza because "most of my friends were present, free food was provided, and I made a lot of people happy through my efforts of keeping the event a positive and safe environment. Volunteering can also be like a work experience giving us teenagers a feeling of how work will be like in the future." Key Club has given Dan the opportunity to make new friends and open up more; "Since I joined during freshman year, I've become more positive, lively, and goofy. My friend list peaked and it keeps going up." When he's not doing community service, Dan does anything to keep himself awake like reading, eating, or goes Internet surfing for anything interesting. However, when he is doing community service, he does it with great devotion and effort.
LAWRENCE LEE                                                                   
Who could the October's Member of the Month be? Lawrence Lee! He is a junior who has been a part of Key Club since his freshmen year. He enjoys witnessing the enthusiasm and spirit of fellow Key Clubbers while volunteering. As a diligent member of Key Club, he has attended so many events that he finds it difficult to remember which ones he liked. Although, Lawrence does admit that he enjoys "helping with school fundraisers[because] they always have interesting things going on." He has no official hobbies but has an affinity for photography. To Lawrence, volunteering in the community is important because "it exposes me to the workings of the real world. I get a better understanding of how community events are possible. The experience also teaches me responsibilities and how to interact with adults."
JOSHUA DIAZ                                                                   
Give a big monster applause to our November's Member of the Month, Joshua Diaz! He's been in key club for 3 years and he enjoys reading, loom-knitting, thinking, and sometimes playing video games. He enjoyed the Santa's Gift of Service at Sac State because "the first thing we did was get into groups and start a bonding activity. We played a couple of games then went back inside to participate in stations where we made certain crafts for charities. The crafts were fun and I got to meet some new people." Throughout these years, Key Club has helped him get involved, meet new people, and form new friendships. Joshua finds that community service is important because "I believe it is important to contribute to something meaningful. I believe it is important to help make the world a better place, as cliche as it sounds. I also think there are a lot of issues that can be resolved if people come together to service; if people worked together to solve the world's problem."
JASMINE WONG                                                                   
The next time you see Jasmine Wong, give her a congratulations, high five, or monstrous hug (or all three!) for being December's Member of the Month! When this sophomore takes a well-deserved break from Key Club, she enjoys practicing martial arts as well as surfing the internet. But when she's working hard in Key Club, Jasmine loves the leadership and friendship opportunities it offers. From her time in Key Club so far, her favorite event was Running for Rhett because it was a new experience for her. Jasmine believes "volunteering and community service is important because it is a way for me to give back to the community by helping others and preparing fun events for them. At the same time, I get to meet amazing new people at the events and learn new things."
JESS FERNANDEZ                                                             
Hey Key Clubbers! How do you feel... that Jess "Bobby" Fernandez is January's Member of the Month? Happy? Delighted? Ecstatic? Good. As a freshman, Jess already has a goal to reach 400 hours by the end of high school and volunteering through Franklin Key Club helps him with that. When he has free time outside of volunteering for Key Club, Jess enjoys biking, video games, and skateboarding. But even when he would rather bike or skateboard, Jess decides to volunteer anyway because "Key Club is a great place to congregate with friends and earn community service hours as well as help organize events." This is only Jess's first year in Key Club and he is already actively serving his community. He can be seen snapping photos throughout the service events he attends because he likes to capture the moments during key club events. In December, he took photos at the Ugly Sweater Run, the Winter Wonderland, and the Santa Run.

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